Writing an effective sales pitch

Sales PitchHow to sell your business quickly and effectively

‘I want to know and I want to know NOW and make it quick’

Wouldn’t be a nice opening line would it?

Sadly in business we don’t always have a great deal of time to wait around listening or watching to find out what the person / business can offer us.

We need to get across our ‘elevator pitch’ quickly

The term ‘elevator pitch’ comes from the idea of having your ideal client in the lift and you only have one floor to pitch them your business. It’s a good practice to try and get your business pitch in less than 10 seconds.

Where do people go wrong when pitching their business?

1. They start talking about the features.

Features are the process. For example let’s take a plumber.

Their features would be that they have a tool set, maybe a van to carry all their tools in. Maybe they studied at plumbing college. They’ve been in business for a few years. That they employ staff. They have lots of clients.

This is all well and good BUT would it make you buy from them?

Benefits are what sell – features come afterwards.

Using our plumber again – Their benefits would be

They can make sure you have a warm house in the winter.

That your boiler doesn’t breakdown as soon as the cold weather appears

Ensures you have hot water ready when you want a long soak in the bath

Reading the above which do you think would sell better?

They have a van to carry their tools in


They can make sure you have a warm house in winter?

I know which I would choose.

The secret to great marketing is knowing what your prospective clients / customers want.

Yes having a plumber who can easily get to you and bring all their tools but what is going to get me thinking about my needs is the fact that my house will be warm in winter. See the difference?

2. The second issue is people take way too long to tell people about their services.

Or should I say waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy toooooooooooooooooooo loooooonnnggggg.

Remember that the person you are talking to about your business may not be in need of what you offer, but they may know someone who might. So if your sales pitch is all long winded and complicated there will be a slim chance that they will easily remember all the details in order to pass it on to the person who is in need of what you have to offer.

It’s an old line but using the acronym K.I.S.S is a good one. K.I.S.S meaning Keep It Short and Sweet.

It’s really important that we remember this.

Going back again to our old friend the plumber do you think it is easy to remember all the features or the benefits?

So having heard their pitch (using the benefits) do you think it would be easy to then tell that same information to someone else?

It’s important that we get this right because remember the person we are talking to about our business may not always be the person we end up working with, so if our sales pitch is really simple then that person can easily tell someone else.

I’ve been networking for years and have met thousands of business owners. There are still some from when I started that I can remember their sales pitch because it was simple and effective.

How to create your elevator pitch.

Start off by writing down how you help people.

What are the true benefits of working with you?

Write down a list of what results your customers get having worked with you

Our plumber friend again.

The results would be

1. Reliable heating so no worries when winter arrives

2. Knowledge that when you want that long soak in a nice hot bath you can have it.

There are lots more I’m sure.

Sometimes we need to keep drilling down because it’s not always obvious

I did this similar exercise with a business owner who was selling computer parts for companies who build robots.

I asked him why do people buy from you and he said ‘because they want computer parts for their robots’

I then asked ‘why do they need them for their robots?’

He answered ‘because their robots break down’

I carried on digging and asked ‘So why do they need to fix their robots?’

He replied ‘because they need to keep the production line running’

More digging from me and I asked ‘why do they need to keep the production line running?’

‘Because they need to keep producing their products’

‘Why do they need to keep producing their products?’

‘Because their customers want their products because their business cannot survive without them’

I then said ‘so you don’t just sell computer bits for robots do you?’

He actually helps robot run production lines run smoothly so the company’s clients are kept in business.

So much more than just little computer gadgets for robots right?

Go back to your list and keep drilling down to make sure really get to the true benefits of what you offer.

Getting your elevator pitch right is vital because it should be used on all your marketing material and that includes your website, leaflets and even your business card.

When someone visits your website you have between 3-7 seconds to get your message across so the K.I.S.S is really so important.

How many business cards have you been given and then a few weeks later you pick them up and then try and remember what it was that person did? If they had an effective (and simple) elevator pitch on their you wouldn’t be left scratching your head would you.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did then please share it.



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Small business owners – Do you love your customers?

How to attract more clientsHave you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?
This is used in lots of different scenarios but this instance I’m talking about spending 80% of the time looking for new clients and then only 20% keeping them.

Let’s look at that in respect of a relationship.
You find someone you like and spend time courting and wooing them.
You fall in love and decide to move into together and for want of a better terminology you’ve got them or rather won them over. Doesn’t sound very romantic that last bit but bare with me.

You’re now living together and all the wooing and courting has now stopped – why? Because you’ve got them.
You stop doing the romantic gestures, which you did with great abundance at the start of the relationship. The little messages of love. The thoughtful comments. The roses and chocolates, the meals out. The talk of the happy future and everything else that wins ‘them’ over

And now because the deal has been done (as it were) all the little things that made the deal complete have finished.

So if this is the case how do you think the other party now feels?
Do you think they now believe that you don’t care anymore?
That because you’re with them, they feel you don’t need to try anymore?
All those little things that lit the fire have been left to burn out.

This would be classic relationship suicide wouldn’t it?

Well it’s exactly the same with your business.
So many people spend so much time going out of their way to grab new clients and when they have landed them all the things they did to capture them, all the love they showed them has now disappeared.

The client then meets a new supplier and because they start to woo and show them some love your client decides to jump ship.

Apologies if this is sounding like an article from Match.com but it all relates so well.

So what can you do?
What can you do to keep the spark alight and the business love flowing?

Simple – say Thank you once in a while.
Find out about your clients. What they like, what their hobbies are
Do they have kids, pets
What is their birthday

Send them cards of thanks
Send them a bottle of wine to show how much you appreciate them

Be proactive instead of reactive.
I’m constantly on the look out for ideas to help my clients.
Different ways that will help them market their business more effectively.
Even articles in the press that relates to what they are doing.

When was the last time one of your suppliers called you and said thank you or called to say ‘hey I just read something which I think you’ll like’ or something similar.

So why should we keep up the ‘love’ and the fire lit?
Your clients are also the best resource for referrals.
So many people spend so long looking out for new clients when in fact keep the fire lit with the ones you already have and ask them whom they know who could also do with your help.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share the love and pass this on because you may just save someone’s business life.

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Personal branding – your online DNA

Personal BrandingMeaning of DNA – The fundamental and distinctive characteristics of someone.

Your DNA is permanent just like your life on Social Media

With that in mind what was the last thing you posted on Facebook or any social media platform?

What pictures do you post?
What jokes do you tell?
What content do you share from other people?
Whom do you let comment on your posts and what do you let them say?

…prospective clients are watching.

I ask this probing question because you may not know this but your prospective clients are watching.
That sounds worrying and a bit stalkerish doesn’t it? But recently I picked up a new client and they told me that they had been watching me online for a while and saw that I was (in their words) ‘the real deal’ and loved how I work.
This was heartening and reinforced my belief in what I was doing.

This is how Social Media works and I love it for it. Social Media is about being social, engaging and building relationships with people.

Behave now as in the future

The world’s top life coach; Anthony Robbins once said that if you want to become a big name and famous then start to behave in that way now.
This means getting used to how you will behave when people recognise you and how you conduct yourself.
Now this doesn’t have to mean wearing dark glasses all the time and having tinted windows in your car, but it might be fun for onlookers.

What the ^&*(!!!

Behaving like this can help you to rain yourself in when you want to possibly vent your anger at something and use a few choice words.
Remember people are watching so when you unleash that comment, expletive or rude image ask yourself will it make your prospective clients wince and move away?, if you were that famous person what would it do for your overall image?

There is a great story about the Jewellery Shop owner Gerald Ratner who said on live TV that is jewellery was ‘crap’
This 4 letter word killed his business overnight.

This may sound all rather too much and that you need to watch everything you post so there is no spontaneity, but the simple answer is yes you do to be honest. You can shout in the street and a few people driving or walking past may notice but the words have left your mouth and faded into nothing and they may remember them for a little time. Online they stay forever.

80% of recruitment agencies in the states now use LinkedIn and Facebook to look at a candidate to see what they are like, so tell your teenagers to be careful what they post. I have seen a lot of posts where people are talking in unfavourable terms about their employers.

What is a brand and how do I create it?

If you’d like to know more about how to create your personal brand and to get a better understanding of branding please read my other posts – the link below is a great place to start.

How to Build a Personal Brand


Be careful out there but most of all enjoy

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Why I LOVE Facebook for engagement

I’ve now been using Social Media for many years now.
I’ve gone from being all over Facebook to Twitter and then back again to Facebook and have now been settled there for sometime now.

I still love Twitter don’t get me wrong, but I feel Twitter is very quick and maybe too quick with your message going up and then disappearing again quickly in the stream unless someone is following your stream specifically.

With Facebook I am having conversations that are lasting days and within these conversations we are digging deep and sharing some great ‘stuff’ and really engaging with one another.
People can track back easily to see what I’ve been posting and I can go into more depth and provide more insight than I can with just the 140 characters allowed on Twitter.

My brand is me.
If you’ve been reading my posts and watching my videos then you will know, my brand is me. I am all about engagement and sharing my feelings, thoughts and love too.

‘I feel Twitter is more of a passing ‘hi there’ than a stop and sharing a coffee’

I went running
Yesterday I went for a run along the beach and recorded a little video showing the beach with my 3 dogs running around. Plus I telling people how blessed I felt living somewhere so wonderful and from that one video I’ve had lots of lovely comments and engagement.
Something that I really don’t feel I would have got on Twitter because I feel Twitter is more of a passing ‘hi there’ than a stop and sharing a coffee.

How do I use Twitter then?
I use Twitter to share my posts and videos from the shows where people can also watch old episodes because I use the excellent plug in Tweet Old Post which randomly selects posts and shares them on my Twitter stream.

So I suppose I use Twitter as a broadcasting tool to inform of new and previous posts / shows etc.
I’m sure at this point you maybe reminding me that I have always said that Social Media is about being Social and yes I totally agree and that is why I have found Facebook to be so much more of an engagement tool than Twitter is.

2 new clients from Facebook
When I launched One Planet One Place within 4 months we had 24,000 likes on Facebook with lots of engagement.
In the recent month I have picked up 2 new clients from Facebook and they said that they had been following me for sometime and really loved what I shared and talked about and that I came across as authentic and not fake – I’m not sure I would have got the same from Twitter, although – I still have lots of people commenting on my posts (old and new) after seeing my messages on Twitter and from there they have signed up to my list and then buying my products so Twitter is still working really well for me.

Some of my posts are over 2 years old and still get comments which is because of Twitter not Facebook.

Am I slowing down?
Maybe it’s me growing older and wanting to have more than a quick chat, but rather a longer period with someone online and to be able to speak in more than 140 characters.

I recently wrote on Facebook about my children and the messages and ‘likes’ for that post have been amazing. So much so that I have decided to record some new shows about being a single parent. This is something that I believe wouldn’t necessarily have happened on Twitter.

Do I use Google+?
Yes, but I’m sure like a lot of you, not enough. I share lots of content on there but haven’t really got on with having conversations like I do on Facebook but, give me time and I’m sure I’ll be writing about this platform too.


Which Social Media application do you like to use and why?
Love to have your comments below


Would you like to work with me and transform your business?
Click the image below to find out how 


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Personally speaking about branding

People often ask me what a brand is.
Some believe it’s a logo
Other’s believe it’s the logo and other graphics that create the brand.

A brand is actually the personality of the business, which also includes the logo.

Let’s take you for an example. It’s your personality that makes you who you are.
Your values, your way with people. How you speak and engage with people are all those qualities that attract people to you.

The 3 key factors to any sale is Know, Like and Trust. We like to Know someone (the business) then Like them, and then Trust them we need to build this up with correct marketing that reflects who we are.

So the big question I’m going to ask you is - Do you know why people buy from you?

If YOU are your business then YOU are the face of the brand and it’s YOU that people are buying.

Why we can lose sales and engagement!

If you create marketing that doesn’t reflect who you are, then it can damage your sales.

Some people create a brand, which is very executive and sleek looking but they are very different to this.
Now it’s ok to have a brand that you aspire to be like. But you can’t fake it for too long.
People will see through this. That’s why it’s important to really embrace the brand and make it you because this is what your customers want and are buying from.
Why look like a Ferrari when people actually want a Ford and visa versa.

How can you find out why people buy from you?
The simple and obvious answer is to ask your customers. This is such a powerful exercise that could make a huge difference, and it could save you a lot of money.
You want the questions to get the best out of the people filling them in so try and avoid closed questions.

One of the resources you could use is SurveyMonkey.com which is an online form you can create and email the link to your customers.
Give them a discount or maybe a bottle of wine for filling it in – the price of a crate of wine is nothing to what it would cost you if you are losing sales because of confusing branding.

Here are a few examples of questions you could ask

  • What is about me or the business that you like?
  • If you were recommending me to someone what would you say about me, the business or the service or overall?

Then when you have the answers back take a good look at your current marketing and ask yourself does it reflect the answers.
If they say your are great fun to work with. Does your marketing express ‘fun’
If you are very formal does your marketing reflect this or is your marketing using very bright and cheery colours that depict the opposite.

You need to consider everything, even down to colours, typefaces, tone of voice in emails brochures, websites etc. Even the style of photos. All these elements go to create your brand.

If you would like more help with you branding then contact the office for a no obligation free 20 minute strategy call.
Book a call here 

Happy branding and look forward to hearing from you soon

Simon Jordan
Personal Branding Expert, Author, Speaker and Host


“Simon is a genius when it comes to branding and marketing! A pure joy to work with, he tunes into who you are and knows how to get you out into the world! His technical business marketing savvy combined with his deep intuition is the perfect recipe for making you a huge success so you can get on with serving the clients you are here to serve” Fiona Fay – Author, Coach and Film Maker

“I highly recommend Simon, he is knowledgeable, engaging and rest assured that time invested with Simon will pay off in both your business and personal growth”
Bob Burg – International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Mentor

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Small business owners – will you be noticed in 2013

Have a business card – check
Have a website – check
Have a Twitter account – check
Have a Facebook account – check
Have a LinkedIn account – check

‘So what’s the issue?’

Your competitors also have all the above checked.

‘So how do I stand out?’

Have you ever thought why people buy from you?

If you are the main person in your business then 9 times out of 10 it’s not just that what you are offering is great, it’s also because your customers like you.

You are your Unique Selling Point (USP)
A lot of small business owners don’t link their marketing with why people buy from them.

For example many small business owners have customers and clients that buy from them because of their personal qualities, such as their infectious energy or ability to really engage with them, or that they put their clients at ease and they feel good.

The issue arises then their marketing such as website, leaflets etc look entirely different from whom they are and why their customers are buying from them

Are you selling a Rolls Royce service, but offering it like an old banger.
Many of my clients that I have worked with over the years have had marketing that doesn’t represent them properly.

This is because we like to see ourselves differently from how we actually are in business. This is no bad thing BUT if people are buying from you because of who you are but your marketing shows you are someone very different, then this could lose you sales.

Standing out
Personal branding is the future and makes all the difference

When I started my business some 5 years ago, I was just like every other marketing person. I wanted to really grow my business. I had my business cards, my website and had signed up with all the usual social media accounts, but I was just blending in with everyone else.

Having spent the previous 20 years working with some of the World’s biggest and brightest brands I decided to apply the same rules to my own business.

I wanted to stand out, be noticed be chosen and become more abundant.

I took a good look at how I was representing myself. I pulled apart all of my marketing. I changed how I was dressing, I changed the look of my website and how I was coming across online.

Not faking it
I have to add at this point that everything I did was to reinforce who I was and why people brought from me, and not about creating a different image of myself. This is because I didn’t want to fake it because faking it isn’t me and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone else either because people can spot a fake a mile away.

I just wanted to create a true and ethical personal brand that I could live with day in and day out and be true to who I was and reinforce why my customers brought from me.

In 7 months I went from local to global
Yes you read that right. After creating my personal brand, in just 7 months I was being asked to speak at prestigious events and booked to speak in America and around the UK and had picked up clients around the globe.

I was going to networking events and people knew who I was before I had introduced myself.

I remember one day I had a telephone call from the Managing Director of one of the UK’s biggest networking companies and he said to me ‘Simon, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Wherever I go people are talking about you’

I had clients calling to work with me and business was amazing.

What I had created had worked and this is what I now provide to my clients.

I mean why create a business and not be found.

You can’t be a secret agent in your business and expect to become abundant, unless you’re actually a secret agent then that’s a whole different blog post.

Why waste your prospects time?
Creating a personal brand is important because when your prospective customers or clients visit your website, they want and need to get a good sense of who you are and this will help them decide what you are like to do business with. I mean who likes to do business with someone you don’t get on with?

If your website doesn’t represent you properly then you will lose sales or if they ask for a meeting you may end up wasting their time.

Your website doesn’t close shop when you do
When you leave your office for the day, your website doesn’t close down. It stays there for everyone to see 24/7. This is why it is vital that it represents you properly and when done right will provide hot leads all the time.

Just think, you could have prospective clients emailing you right now wanting your services if your website and marketing is working properly

We buy on emotion
When was the last time you went out and said to a friend or your partner ‘let’s go out and be sold to’? the answer is probably never. This is because ‘you’ make the decision to buy, not the other way around.

We buy from people or brands that we know, like and trust so again this is why it is vital that you start this process off as soon as possible and there’s no better starting point than your website, because as I said before it stays open 24/7.

A brand is not just a logo
I’ve talked about this many times before (just in case you maybe saying ‘Simon you are repeating yourself’) but a brand is the personality of your business.

So if you are full of energy make sure your brand fills people with energy.

If you are calm and collective then make people feel and understand that the experience they will get when working with you will be calm. Get it the wrong way around and again you will lose sales or waste your prospects time.


“Simon is a genius when it comes to branding and marketing! A pure joy to work with, he tunes into who you are and knows how to get you out into the world! His technical business marketing savvy combined with his deep intuition is the perfect recipe for making you a huge success so you can get on with serving the clients you are here to serve” Fiona Fay – Author, Coach and Film Maker

“I highly recommend Simon, he is knowledgeable, engaging and rest assured that time invested with Simon will pay off in both your business and personal growth”
Bob Burg – International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Mentor


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Small Business Owners – Get on page 1 of Google easily

Have you ever searched for your own name on Google?

It’s not an egotistical thing (honestly), but if you are building a personal brand then this is a good thing to do in order to see how you fair and where you appear on the giant that is Google.

If people are searching for you then your name should appear on Google and tell the visitor where to go in order to find out more about you.

I searched for my name before I wrote this post and here are the results

That’s number 2 out of 79,100,000 results. Considering there are a lot of Simon Jordans out there, this is a great result.

So how do we get up on page 1 of Google without paying for it?

Well before I go into the strategy for this I need to explain how Google works.
When you load up a website to the internet Google will come along with it’s scan bots and search the site and catalogue all the information that is there.

It then takes that info back to the Google mother ship and place you within the search results.

Then about a month later Google will come back again and see what else you have added to the site. If nothing has changed then Google will probably leave you were you are on the search engines or maybe drop you down.

But if you have updated the site since the last visit you will be rewarded and possibly moved up on the search results.

CONSISTENCY is the key
If you are adding to your site on a regular basis and using the important keywords that’s your name (if that’s what you want to be found for) then Google will start to come back and visit your site more frequently and reward you accordingly. The more you update – the more Google will visit.

For example on September 10th 2012 I launched my other business which is www.OnePlanetOnePlace.com  and this site gets added to every day (Mon-Fri) and every post i write / film has the keywords One Planet One Place written in it.

In just two months from a standing start the site featured at number 1 on Google out of 1,330,000,000 that’s nearly 1.5 billion results - see screen shot below

As any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) person will tell you that’s pretty awesome.
But this is only because we have been consistent in our approach.

You don’t need to be a big business with lots of cash to throw at the site.
If you are updating your site on a consistent basis – blogs are great for this. Then you WILL be crowned king and find yourself number 1 on Google.

Another example – A client’s site we haven’t even finished at the time of this post is already on page 1 of Google, because the name of the site and the SEO we have already done on the site means that Google has found the site (or rather we forced Google to search it) and we have already been awarded and that is out of 18 million results.

All my sites are built in WordPress and I have loaded on them some amazing plug-ins such as All In One SEO Pack and this little beauty helps me get up on Google.
Google XML  Sitemaps is another and together these are excellent at getting the results you want.

But consistency is the key. Writing posts on your chosen subject on a regular basis is the real key to all of this. The more you write the more you will be rewarded, but make sure you use the right keywords that you want to be found for.

Building your personal brand or company brand and using these strategies is a sure-fire way to being found on Google and to be on page 1.

If you’d like know more about how to do this and would love help doing this then contact the office here. We offer a wide range of affordable services from complete on-line strategies including web design to running social media accounts to full blown eCommerce sites that generate income 24/7 or maybe you just want some 1-2-1 tuition on how to be more effective with your on-line marketing, or maybe just an evaluation of your current site to make sure it’s doing what it should do. We can help and offer you the right package to help you grow your business or practice.

Click here to email or make contact.

To your onward on-line success and may I find you on page 1 of Google soon.


P.S. As an extra piece – 45 minutes after this post was written and made live, it was on Google in position 1. Think how good that would be for your business and being able to write about something in the news that’s key to your business growth and be found by your prospective clients and customers? Now that would be great for sure.



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Why small business owners need this in their personal branding

Why do people buy from you?

This is an important question to ask when personally branding yourself.

If you are the face of the business then you need to know why people buy from you in order to embody this into your marketing.

If people buy from you because you are passionate, energetic and enjoyable but your website does not embody this, then I bet you are losing sales.

Emotional purchase

People buy on emotion and if they love certain things about you and that is why they want to work with you then it’s crazy to not have this message and feeling on conveyed website.

Personal branding is key when you are running your own business and if you are the face of it. I always ask this question of my clients and sometimes they have to go and do some research as to why people buy from them.

My clients love to work with me because of my passion, my energy and also my understanding of what they are wanting to do. So my marketing reflects these qualities. I want working with me to be fun, and that comes across in my website, videos and blog posts.

Personal branding is so very important for us the small business owners and when you get it right, it’s onwards and skywards for both gathering clients and boosting your profits.

So take ask yourself why people buy from you. Make a list of answers and then with this list look at your website and other marketing and see if they match.

I had a client who was full of passion and energy and this is why his client’s worked with him. He told me that he was struggling to get leads from his website. When we looked at this, it was immediately obvious that it was a mismatch of messages and image.

We quickly changed this and the leads quickly started to flood in.

Image is everything when it comes to marketing and you never get a second chance at a first impression.

People will make up their mind within a few seconds so these few seconds are crucial.

So spend sometime getting this element of your marketing right.

Even the small things matter

Colours for branding

If you are in a formal business then the use of bright garish colours would be a mismatch. A more subtler palette would be preferable.

If you are very energizing and want this to come across in your marketing then brighter colours will work well for you.

Fonts are just as important

A formal business needs a formal typeface or something that isn’t too whacky.

For example this font would not work for a Lawyers branding and certainly not the colour

Where as this font and colour would give the right image and show an element of trust and being well established.

So colours, fonts, pictures and even the tone of voice you use in your marketing all lead to giving the right impression for your prospective clients.

If you’d like to know about how you can work with me on personal branding and growing your business then click here to find out more


What is it about you that you think your customers like?

Love to have your comments and feedback so please leave them below.

If you enjoyed this post then please Share it, click the ‘Like’ button and Tweet it out and if you do, thank you, I appreciate it and appreciate you.

To your onward success



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