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I recently talked about blogging on a recent post so on this post I want to talk about how I make my website work for me 24/7 using a mixture of my blog, Social Media and 2 plug-in.
First off for this to work for you, you need to be blogging on a regular basis. At least once a week I’d say so you keep the content fresh and alive.

Step 1. Your blog needs to be WordPress and then you need to download and install the free plug-in called Tweet Old Post. This great little plug-in will randomly select one of your posts and post it out to your Twitter stream.
The other great thing about this plug-in is that your old blog posts keep getting promoted.
Some of my most popular posts are over a year old and they get tonnes of comments so without this plug-in I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t get read and simply left to gather dust in the archives.
I have my Tweet Old Post plug-in set at sending out to my Twitter stream every other hour. You can set it to whatever times you wish, but I would recommend not too often so your Twitter stream is just automated tweets and no real input from you.

Step 2. The next thing I use is another great little plug-in called Pippity. Now this is a paid plug-in but well worth it. This is a data capture plug-in that can be setup to pop up on your blog when the person has finished reading the post. This only really works if you are giving away a free download such as an e-book or audio.

I love Pippity because unlike a lot of the other pop-ups it’s a lot subtler. Some of the pop-ups out there are too in your face and appear as soon as you land on the website.

I have my Pippity plug-in set to appear when a visitor has finished reading a blog post. It’s a small box and offers my free e-book. (see pic below)

By having these elements on your website this means that you can be building your list of prospective customers / clients 24/7.
You write a blog post, Tweet Old Post sends it out to your Twitter Stream. One of your followers visits your site to read the blog post. They then see the pop-up promoting your free download and they decide to leave their name and email in return for the info and bingo you have a prospective client.

Step 3. The next level
Once you have this all setup you could then join the new kid on the block, which is Triberr.
This is a new site for bloggers and Tweeters.
Here’s how it works
Triberr is a community of bloggers who have created their own group of fellow bloggers called Tribes. Within these Tribes they share each others blog content to their own personal Twitter streams.

If you decide to join Triberr you need to find a Tribe that is relevant to your market. For example if you are a coach and are interested in motivational and inspirational issues you need to look for a Tribe that has other members who write about such subjects.

How it works
When you join Triberr you give the RSS feed URL for your blog, which means that Triberr automatically picks up any new blog post you’ve written.
Your fellow Tribe mates can then share your blog posts with their Twitter stream and you can share theirs with yours. Some Tribes have a spread of over 2 million+ people and this means a lot of traffic coming to your site and with the Pippity plug-in in place you can massively build your online list of prospective clients – cool huh!

The main thing about all of this is to make sure you are writing good content on your blog that is of interest to your chosen market. As I said on the last post if you’re a coach write about coaching ‘stuff’ that could help your chosen market.

Adding value is what it’s all about, and I hope I’ve added some for you today.

If you’ve found this blog helpful please spread the word and tweet it, Google plus it and even Facebook Like it.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts and comments on how you generate traffic to your site or what problems you may have blogging.

To your onward success


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  • http://twitter.com/DrRhia Dr. Rhia Roberts

    This is a great article with worthwhile suggestions, Simon. My husband is in charge of my website and he went with Squarespace rather than WordPress. Do you think that was a mistake?

  • http://www.gathermoreclients.com/ Simon Jordan

    Hi there, I haven’t heard of Squarespace but I do know that WordPress is widely used and loved.
    I’m no programmer and can barely spell HTML :)
    But what I’ve been able to do with WordPress and what it’s done for my business has been excellent. So I can’t really comment on what your site is built on sorry.

  • http://www.copscourtandcoffee.com Cops Court and Coffee

    Great info…thanks!