Getting Clarity on What You Are Doing

I will help you get clarity on what you offer
in order to grow your business and your sales.

Prices from £600 / $943

“What do you do?”
Have you ever been asked “what do you do?” only to find yourself fumbling for words to describe clearly and concisely what it is you do and how you benefit your clients?

If yes, then you’re not alone. I’ve now helped hundreds of clients to put create a clear message together that has helped them create more sales for their business.

A confused buyer is a non-buyer
When you can’t easily tell your prospective customers what it is you do then you will be losing out on sales.
We’ve all seen it whilst out networking. A person stands up to tell the room what it is they do and by the time they sit back down the other people are either confused or have switched off because they lost interest.

Gaining clarity is vital for business
In any form of marketing it is vital that your prospective clients understand exactly what it is you do and how you can help them.

Every part of your marketing from your business card to your website needs to inform people exactly what it is you do from the outset.

You have between 3-7 seconds to get your message across
We live in an impatient world and with so many options available to us it is vital that we can inform our prospective buyers what we do when they arrive on our website.
Same goes for our business cards.

Case Study – sales increase of 62%
John is a business coach and didn’t want to be referred to as a ‘coach’ because he thought that it had been overused.

He came to me because he believed that the term ‘coach’ didn’t really explain exactly what it was he did and how he truly benefits people.

During our session I went through my in depth questionnaire with him deciphering what he was passionate about and the true benefits he provides his clients.

Together we brainstormed and created a great new sales message for him. He was more than delighted and has emailed me recently telling me that his sales have increased by 62% in the first month.

If you are like John then I can help

How do I work?
To help you gain clarity and to help you create a powerful marketing message that is clear, concise and informs your prospective clients exactly how you can benefit them I would work with you on a 1-2-1 basis either in person or over Skype.

Length of session
The session is normally half a day (4 hours)

For getting your message correct and generating more sales.
The cost for a half day 1-2-1 is £600 (not including travel expenses)

Save £100 if you book before the end of May 2012

To reduce costs a 1-2-1 over Skype is preferable.
All calls are recorded so you get a copy of this in order to listen / watch again.

What they have said about my work?

“Approachability, a genuine desire to see others succeed and expert skill of getting to the heart of the matter are what Simon brings to the table. His easy style quickly puts you at ease, which allows the ideas to flow, bringing crystal clear clarity to previously muddy waters! He’s the difference that makes the difference when it comes to success in business!” Jenny Flintoft –


“Four hours with Simon turned a quagmire of thoughts and ideas into a crystal clear niche market! Thank you Simon, wish I had done this years ago – you are the marketing genius” Hazel Harris –

“Simon has helped me reign in too many thoughts to give me clarity and a coherent marketing message. He understood what I was struggling to say and got it down to a concise and powerful statement. Thank you so much, I am sure of myself now.” Paula Green – Sugarbox Coaching


“I cannot recommend Simon Jordan highly enough. He really knows his stuff. What is great about Simon is his common sense and plain speaking approach, he really breaks it down and makes it all very easy to understand, relate to and apply. Simon’s advice has been invaluable and he has gone well beyond the call of duty. Definitely money well spent and the value goes significantly beyond the cost. If you need any kind of marketing support, Simon’s your man!”
Mark Roach

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