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Posted on 2012-02-09 by Simon


We small business owners need to stop hiding and come out from behind our websites.
We need to show our prospective customers what we look like and if we are nice to spend their hard earned cash with. We buy from people we like and sales are all about building relationships.
Gone are the days when we can simply put up a website with a nice retouched photo of ourselves, or one from far too many years ago, and expect to bring lots of sales in.
Business is changing – This is the revolution of Social Media and all about connecting to our fellow people.If you want to grow your business you need to start stepping out from behind the desk and showing your face.

The year I started my business I attended every network meeting going.
A year on and I wanted to grow my reach even further so I launched SimonJordan.TV and because my prospective customers could see me on the screen and see that I knew my ‘stuff’ they could build up the Know, Like and Trust with me very quickly.
Within seven months of launching the channel I went from local to global and started working with clients across the states, Europe and the UK.

I put this all down to the power of Social Media and me getting out from behind the desk and showing the world who I am and what I am capable of.
Now I’m not suggesting you go out and create your own online TV channel, but if you do I’ll back you all the way. What I’m suggesting is that you get more personal. Have a video of you on your home page introducing the business.
Show your buyers your enthusiasm for your business. Nothing sells like enthusiasm and passion.
Your buyers can then get a really great feel for what you are like as a person. What your energy is like and they can quickly decide if they’d like to do business with you.
Getting personal in this way can massively speed up the sales process.

A dramatic shift in sales
Last year I was working with a coach and I asked him why people bought from him. He told me it was because of his energy, passion and knowledge. He then carried on telling me that once he finally got a meeting with a prospective client it was only then that he could really close the deal.

We then took a look at his website. He won’t mind me saying this but his website would have been better suited to selling funerals rather than his infectious energy and passion.
We quickly remedied this by adding a really great video of him presenting himself and his business and we also took away the dark colours and made some changes to his site.

A few months later he did a study with his new clients and they all said that it was the video that made them want to get in touch with him, whereas in the past he’d been doing the calling and chasing.
Now it was the other way around. He was being sought after and his business had made a dramatic shift.

So get out and be personal and connect with your prospective clients and customers.
If you are the business then become the face of the business and start showing people how darn great you are.

Click here to see an episode of my TV show about getting up close and personal

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