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Posted on 2011-11-29 by Simon


I came up with the idea for this blog whilst cooking supper tonight.
Our eldest is currently suffering with tonsillitis so can’t eat anything too hard, so I decided to make up some soup.
If you wish to know it was chicken, potatoes, carrot, sweetcorn topped with stilton with a dash of full fat cream and I have to say it went down very well. But I’m not here to talk cooking (although it is my other passion) I decided to write this blog about turning up the heat. In the kitchen if you want to get quicker results you have to turn up the heat don’t you?
This is the same in business. If you want quicker results, you need to do the same; turn up the heat.
If you leave your business to tick over, or in the cooking metaphor you are leaving it to simmer along, not much happens.

People often moan about not having much work on or that it’s starting to dry up.
Turn up the heat.
Get the juices going. Get yourself fired up and fuel that passion again. Remind yourself why you are doing what your doing.
Get up early, go to bed late. Just turn up the heat and get cracking (English term meaning to get going).
Sometime things do get tough and we can get a bit down hearted. Buy me a drink sometime and I can share a few scary, skin of my teeth business moments.
But if you think back to why you started the business and what you really want from it. Think about whom you are helping and what amazing talents you have. This can give you the spark to get back on to the road and moving again. But if you sit and not take action nothing will happen. So turn up the heat and go, go, go.

I believe in you and so should you. You are amazing so let’s turn all turn up the heat and light some fires.Start thinking of ways to move forward. If you’re doing something that works – keep doing it.
And whilst we are still on the cooking theme, keep an eye on the cooking, otherwise if you walk away it burns and stops being tasty – the same in business. Keep your eye on the ball or pan in this metaphor. Keep checking what is working and see how and where you can make the changes to make it better. A bit like adding a pinch of salt I suppose.

Happy business building and cooking

P.S. If you’re wondering where that pic above is from. Here is the source

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